Creative Fashion Tailoring (Professional)

Faculty of Design Innovation

Duration : 4 Months (16 Weeks)

Total Hours : 48 Hours (3 Hours per week)


This comprehensive sewing and tailoring course will give you a thorough understanding of sewing and garment construction methods, used in the industry today. Through a combination of discussions, practical individual exercises and one-to-one consultations, you will explore use of draping technique, pleated techniques and different construction methods, working with different types of fabric and the laying and cutting of commercial multi-sized patterns. Participants will also learn about draping and pleated techniques in tailoring and finishing garments professionally.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Design, draft, do pattern making, cut, do tailoring and finishing of garments

  • Learn the draping and pleated skills in tailoring

  • Produce a selected garment to test their understanding and skill

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