Diploma in Animation & Multimedia Design

Faculty of Multimedia Creativity KP/JPS (KA6274) 11/10

The Diploma in Animation and Multimedia Design is a programme jointly developed by Limkokwing University and one of the world’s best-known animation schools, Sheridan College Canada. The Diploma builds upon the conventional animation methods - cell animation which was made popular by Walt Disney through cartoons. With this core expertise, the students are further exposed to digital 3D animation and Motion Graphics.

The programme also has strong focus on character animation techniques. Students’ will develop skills in drawing and the ability to visualise the sense of timing and motion. Drawings on cells will be used to dramatise humans or animals and provide compelling story-telling. Character development is a very important part of the programme, which emphasises research skills. In tandem, the ability to construct a good story & the sense of film direction are also taught in the programme.

The programme looks at producing multi-skilled graduates who are able to apply animation methodology to diverse areas like multimedia, broadcasting, film production and even games design. The first two years of the programme provides student with a comprehensive understanding of visual communication in its broadest sense. The final year then begins to focus more on the fundamen-tals of story-telling and classical animation. Some elements of multimedia and digital imaging are also taught in the programme to enable the students to explore concepts and possibilities that challenge conventional design thinking.

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