Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Kavugho Nziwa Aimee

Kavugho Nziwa Aimee

Zealous Content Developer, 2017

“Through Limkokwing I became a multicultural person, which is a great asset for my present and future plans.”

24 March 2017

Kavugho Nziwa Aimee: Zealous Content Developer

When Aimee was looking for the best university to pursue her master degree in arts, Limkokwing University stood out for her because of the accolades it earned in Southern Africa.

Raised and born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Aimee discovered her zeal for arts at a tender age. As she got older, she made a decision to explore the field.

However, she mentioned that her parents were sceptical with her decision to pursue arts.

“My parents wanted me to be a medical doctor, but my passion for arts led me to the Kinshasa Fine Arts Academy to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication with a major in Graphics Design at the age of 18.”

Aimee pursued a Limkokwing Master of Arts in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice and graduated in 2016.

“Limkokwing proved to be one of these rare universities motivated by bringing the best out of oneself. When I first set foot on campus, I was struck in awe by its multicultural environment. It is a place where I enlarged my horizons with various cultures without me having to travel anywhere.”

“The University has a hands-on approach to learning. I learned how to bring out the best of myself because lecturers don’t spoon-feed us. Education is two-way process at Limkokwing, it is unique. I am now confident and capable of facing life.”

She said the interaction with many cultures did a great job on her perception of life and living with other people.

“Through Limkokwing I became a multicultural person, which is a great asset for my present and future plans.”

After graduating, she joined the Centre for Content Creation (CCC) as a Content Developer and Designer.

On how Aimee made the transition into the industry, she stated that her first steps were not easy. However, she added that her supervisors did a great job in giving her support and guidance.

“Working here has been like a continuation of my studies. During my studies, Limkokwing provided me with tools to face the industry. I work with well-equipped brains and top-notch graphic content creation tools. I learned a lot and I’m constantly challenged to produce high quality work.”

Her views on her line of work and the industry as a whole were, “Creativity is the key in any field. My field requires more creativity. With the development of technology and the increase in services offered by companies, my work is one the best of this time.”

Aimee’s future plans include getting a PhD, and then becoming a lecturer.

“In the long run I want to be a professional designer. I strongly believe that one day we shall have Limkokwing University French Campus in my country, and I shall be one of the professors there so to help other artists grow and be part of what I have experienced here.”

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