Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN

9 August 2022

  • Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN
    With Tillmann Studrucker, Senior Design Director of Adidas
  • Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN
  • Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN
  • Adilya Botabayeva: Transforming Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with YANG LAIN

International award-winning fashion designer, Adilya Botabayeva is setting trends and spicing up Kazakhstan’s fashion scene with her first transformative clothing brand YANG LAIN.

With a vision to move towards sustainable fashion YANG LAIN has its own philosophy which aims to make clothes with minimal damage to the environment using fabric from natural materials. “We create transformative clothing - where one thing can be transformed into several items of clothing and accessories that are different in design and functionality.”

Adilya Botabayeva is now working on her fourth collection for the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.

“I was inspired by the Asian culture that I absorbed while studying in Malaysia at the most international university in the world. One of the latest projects I worked on was a collection designed in collaboration with one of the biggest Banks in Kazakhstan Forte Bank. That experience made me realise that my convictions resonate with a socially responsible business.  We created a collection that incorporates the key principles of environmental responsibility. ForteBank says that they decided to support me precisely because of the sense of responsibility and reasonable approach.”

As a brand established during the pandemic, Adilya faced huge challenges with finding materials, as there is no production of fabrics in Kazakhstan. She started creating a collection at the end of February and said everything became much more complicated given the problems with logistics. However, on the flipside more focus was brought towards improving local manufacturers and local brands.

“It seems to me that people began to pay more attention to Kazakhstani manufacturers. Previously, our consumer was somehow aimed at foreign manufacturers, they paid a lot of attention to the mass market. Now people have become more appreciate your own and be more interested in Kazakh fashion. This is also partly connected with the pandemic. People were sitting at home and became more interested in what was happening in their country. In the post-viral fashion economy, the new winners could be small local brands that target the conscious consumer directly.”

Through her clothing brand Adilya found a beneficial way to make change in her society.

“I had long plunged into the sustainable, eco-responsible fashion wave. I found my own tool for influencing the society. My clothing is of the ‘transformer’ category. I love complex designs and patterns. My customers buy one thing, but they get from 3 to 12 clothing options that can be combined.  This means they don’t buy too many things that will end up as a pile of junk.  In addition, my transformers are designed in a unisex style and are adjustable in size.  This moment very well reflects the idea of awareness, rational consumption.”

Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion & Retailing degree at Limkokwing University paved a smooth path for the successful designer to kickstart her career.

“One the achievements that I’m proud of is that I was able to become part of Limkokwing Fashion Club. Believing in my talent, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim gave me the opportunity to work in her team of stylists and designers.  She also chose me as one of two young designers, graduates of her university, who designed a collection of clothes at London Fashion Week. It was an incredible experience for a young designer.”

She also worked with Adidas and took part in the Woolmark x Adidas Performance Challenge and became one of 10 winners that designed their projects for that companies. “I designed one of my favorite pieces, which is the outfit that transforms into nine different complete looks, from sporty to evening.  This design, along with my innovative fabric development, was highly praised by Adidas Creative Director Tilman Studruker.”

Rounding up the interview with a word of advice for future fashion trendsetters she said, “The most important thing for fashion designers is to find their own unique way to communicate with customers through artist’s vision. It took many years for me to realise that creating transformers is my way to contribute to worldwide fashion industry and that is what makes my brand different from others.”

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