“Break Me” by Chow Mun Jun

23 July 2018

“Break Me” by Chow Mun Jun

Victor Chow Mun Jun from Malaysia, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Recording Arts student at the Sound and Music Design Academy, said “Break Me” was the only title suited to his final year project.

Victor created a record label company to represent an artist music, together with an integrated promotion and distribution plan.

He said the album targets all demographics, but especially those in relationships.

As for his choice of “Break Me”, Victor said that its actual meaning was more figurative in terms of emotions.

“Almost everyone from all ages have access to online platforms, therefore, ways that I would use to promote my product would be social media platforms,” said Victor.

Victor said he was inspired by his artist, who had an incredible story to share regarding his personal relationship.

A willing artist

“I wanted to get someone who would have gone through an emotional breakdown, and of course, someone who would be willing to feature in my album without any restrictions,” said Victor.

Victor had most difficutly with time management, one of the most common challenges for any student with a final year project due.

In order to stay composed and not get stressed, he said he gave priority to tasks in terms of urgency, and also sought advice from professionals in the industry.

Through this tough yet exciting journey, Victor said he picked up skills of dealing, planning and executing a record label the hard way.

But he also found the journey to be a rewarding one, as it led to a better understanding of a record laebl’s relationship with artists and the music industry.

“I chose Limkokwing simply because this was the only University that offered the best audio engineering courses, and of course, they have professionals from the industry as lecturers,” said Victor.

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