“Carry Me” by William Loo

6 July 2018

  • “Carry Me” by William Loo
  • “Carry Me” by William Loo
  • “Carry Me” by William Loo

William Loo from Malaysia is currently pursuing a Diploma in Sound and Music Technology at the Sound and Music Design Academy.

Under the Album Production module, each student is tasked with producing a full album, and William’s is titled “Carry Me.”

The album is about the circle of romance - from break ups to finding that special someone and living happily ever after.

William said there’s no fixed demographic for this release.

“Since love is a universal topic to talk about, and that there are no fixed age bracket for love songs, “Carry Me” will definitely be able to reach everyone,” said William.

William also expects his album to be a hit, especially during Valentine’s Day.

“During this period, the general population would be browsing for love songs and that is when I expect my album to be a hit,” he said.

According to William, the production of the whole album was inspired from his personal experiences.


One of the toughest challenges that William faced during production was managing time.

But in the end, William believes this project is one of his best thus far, which he puts down to the relentless effort he put in.

At the end of the day, it was a journey that enabled William to earn valuable lessons, and it wasn’t as easy as most bedroom music producers think it is.

“It required a lot of patience and professionalism because it involved a lot of outside support to get this album completed,” said William.

The reason William chose Limkokwing University is because it is widely recognised as having experienced and knowledgeable lecturers from the industry.

William advised other students to keep their chin up and perservere.

“If you feel like quitting, ask yourself: “Why did I even start?” Since you’ve already come this far, just hold on and I promise you, it’ll get better,” said William.

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