Creative Opportunities for Limkokwing University with Toon Boom

19 February 2017

Creative Opportunities for Limkokwing University with Toon Boom

Limkokwing University welcomed representatives from Toon Boom Animation on 16 February to explore future creative opportunities in Malaysia.

Toon Boom Asia Pacific Sales Director Bernard Boiteux and Toon Boom Distributor Megasap Chief Executive Officer Firdaus Mah met with a representative from Limkokwing University to discuss cooperative ventures that enable students to pursue a career in the international creative industry.

Toon Boom is a major animation company with over 20 years experience in animation industry that creates software which helps animation studios to push the boundaries of animation while creating an environment that realises the creativity of any animator.

The company has worked with several internationally recognised companies including Disney, Universal Studios, Lucasfilm Ltd, Dreamworks and Cartoon Network. The company has received prestigious awards including Ub Iwerks Annie Award and two Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards.

“We are here in Malaysia, because we believe that this country can become as big as the Philippines,” said Bernard Boiteux while adding that Malaysia possess the funds, business resources, and creative talents to conduct international projects.

“We are trying to build an ecosystem and infrastructure that permits the local studios to work with the local schools to build student’s talents to hit the international market, hence the creativity.”

He also added that creative institutions such as Limkokwing University are very important to the success of building the creative industry in Malaysia.

“The more engaged a student is, the more likely that they are able to excel in any field,” explained Bernard Boiteux. “Being in a school that encourages creativity enables thinking out of the box, which makes it accessible to excel in the real world.”

He also explained that international studios such as Disney regularly assigns numerous major projects to be conducted by their network affiliation. These projects require creative skills and innovative technological knowledge. As partners for these internationally recognised studios, Toon Boom introduces these studios to third tier market regions such as Canada, the Philippines and Korea.

As an institution that emphasises creativity and innovation in a multicultural learning environment, Limkokwing offers valuable creative potential with the technological familiarity to engage in the international market.

“Toon Boom has a global presence with a 70% global market share,” said Firdaus Mah while adding that this would grant graduates better opportunities in a globalised environment.

Limkokwing University engages in partnerships with various companies to ensure students gain industry exposure and practical experience. The University’s global networking opportunities offer students various platforms to pursue careers in the creative field.

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