Limkokwing Interior Design Graduation Exhibition @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing Interior Design Graduation Exhibition

13 July 2013, by Dhashene Letchumanan

This year’s Diploma in Interior Design students’ graduation exhibition was focused on the narrative of an artisan. The students had to select their own artisans and design an academy for their artisans. The students were required to capture the essence and the soul of their selected artisan’s works.

Their chosen artisans ranged from a multitude of disciplines from food experts, manual watchmakers, intricate photographers, flamboyant fashionistas, etc.

“One of the students presenting his project titled GURPURI E-HOME.”

Interior design lecturer, Vickram Vijayan said, “This exhibition was meant to be the final exhibition for the graduating students. Usually the Architecture students will have their furniture exhibition, but this was the first time Interior Design students participated in such exhibition.”

“I’m proud of my students because they did very well. I’m very excited with their works. This is a very strong portfolio for the students because when they enter into the industry, they can actually showcase their project to their employers. We had industry visitors such as top architects who have worked with Norman Foster and writers from architectural magazines in Malaysia,” added Vickram.

“The idea of my final project showcased the art of songket weaving in loom. The harmony of colourful threads combined together makes a really harmonious pattern. I don’t really focus on the songket pattern but more towards the process of how one is made,” said graduating student Muhamad Fikri.

“My lecturers helped me a lot. Whenever I have a problem or difficulties even if it is outside the classroom they still helped me. Being a Limkokwing student, it gives me a variety of abilities to do lots of things such as designing and expressing my ideas. The environment here nurtures you to be the best. All students here has got the opportunity to communicate with famous people from the industry,” mentioned Fikri.


“Limkokwing students are taught client presentation skills to prepare them for the industry.”


For their final semester, Limkokwing’s Interior Design students went through a new specialised curricular modelled after systems used in leading schools of architecture, such as the Bartlett School of Architecture and AA School of Architecture.

Architect Mariana Isa from O&O Design said, “From previous years, I realized that the products developed in terms of explorations and most importantly technical drawing. I would say the students work has been improved gradually and we from the industry are very pleased with that.”

“It was very refreshing to see free-hand drawings because nowadays students are 3D computer oriented that they have lost the sketching touch. All students have presented well. Limkokwing University provides a very strong foundation for design students,” shared Mariana.

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