“Reflection” with Jude Alixander Vitalise

11 July 2018

“Reflection” with Jude Alixander Vitalise

Jude Alixander Vitalise from Selangor is currently in his final semester pursuing a Diploma in Sound and Music Technology.

As a graduating student, Jude was involved in an album production as part of his final semester project.

The album required students to produce five songs as well as design their own albums, which music compliment a genre of music.

Instead of producing another typical album which centers on motivation or optimism, Jude decided to produce songs which focused on the negative experiences of an individual.

“Reflection” targets young adults as he feels people in this age group are going through impactful moments in life and will certainly relate to the songs in the album.

Jude was confident that his album would be marketable in the industry, as he feels people can strongly relate to the message in the songs and will come to realize, that whatever that they’ve experienced, are experiences that’s common in society.


Asked on what inspired, Jude said, “I was inspired by the large number of songs that we hear today which only promotes positive and optimistic messages.”

He wanted to appeal to a different crowd and talk about the negative experiences in people’s lives, as he feels these are things that are left ignored by the society.

Talking about challenges, Jude said this project, unlike any other, required a lot of patience and the workload was really heavy.

Apart from that, Jude also faced difficulties in areas of designing his album as it wasn’t really his area of expertise.

Time constraint was also part of the challenge, but Jude took several steps to overcome it, such as getting consultation from experienced industry professionals, and did some thorough research on his own.

An Invaluable Journey

Throughout this journey, Jude learned that producing an album requires a lot of steps and most importantly, time.

He also learned the proper procedure on how to create and produce the vision he had for an album production.

“I had also gained skills of designing album art, which are things I wouldn’t usually be expected to do outside of audio,” said Jude.

“I chose Limkokwing University because it is the only institution which can nurture me with the skills and knowledge in pursuing a career in the audio industry, especially audio engineering,” said Jude.

He also said that Limkokwing University provided him with the necessary facilities to complete his projects and enabled him to expand, both his theoretical and practical understanding of the audio industry.

As a word of advice, Jude said setting schedules and pacing out your work is important as it helps lessen the load you are working with and certainly gives you a clear vision of your creative process.

He also stressed on the importance of having progression checks on projects or any form of assignments with lecturers because at the end of the day, they are there to assist you in what you are looking to achieve.

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