Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Tourism Management

Faculty of Business Management & Globalization KPT/JPS (KR10397) 06/14

Many economists estimate that tourism is the world’s single biggest industry both in monetary and employment terms. Tourism has become a lifestyle choice for a majority of the population in the developed world. Tourism is one of the largest industrial sectors in these economies and it can be the single largest industrial sector for less well-developed economies.

Malaysia, in recognising the revenue potential in tourism, has made the successful development of tourism as an economic goal. This programme is designed to build on the success of the tourism industry in the country.

Show Programme Structure

Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Computer Application for Business Effective Communication 2
Introduction to Tourism Management Tourism Geography
Effective Communication 1 Tourism Marketing
Financial Accounting Fundamentals Microeconomics
Business Mathematics Introduction to Hospitality Management
Choose One Choose One
Malaysian Studies Moral Studies
Co-Curriculum 1 Islamic Studies
Co-Curriculum 2
Year 2
Semester 3 Semester 4
Meeting Incentives Concepts & Tourism Management Cultural Tourism
Eco-Tourism Tour Operations Management
Hotel & Resort Management Ticketing & Reservation
Service Management Foreign Language 2
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Sustainable Tourism
Foreign Language 1 Tourism Policy & Planning
Choose One
Bahasa Kebangsaan A / B
Co-Curriculum 3
Year 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Current Issues in Tourism Tourism & Transportation
Tourism & Hospitality Research Methods Tourism Economics
Foreign Language 3 Food & Catering Services
Strategic Management in Tourism Tourism Product Management
Tourism Ethics Tourism Research Project
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