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Limkokwing London Accommodation

The housing system in the UK is slightly different from what you might be used to in your home country: UK universities do not usually have in-campus housing. Instead, students often stay in communities of shared-flats or apartments.

Limkokwing University offers accommodations (14 or 21 nights - twin sharing room) to all students who have submitted their application four weeks before the programme’s start date. Upon receiving your application, the London Team will send you an offer of accommodation and required documents via email. You need to apply, finalise and confirm your accommodation before applying for a UK visa. This will prevent delays and help you get settled into your lodgings quickly in London.

Once you’ve arrived in London, you will be given a pre-check-in inventory of your accommodation. Please read, sign and return the tenancy summary as well as make a security deposit payment of GBP 100.

Before leaving the accommodation at the end of the programme, the University will inspect the property. Your deposit will be returned in full at the time of check-out, unless you have caused damage to the property, lost the keys or any items are missing.

Limkokwing University currently provides accommodation at The Stay Club.

Airport Pick-up Service

To ensure that your first journey to London is as smooth as possible, Limkokwing University offers an airport pick-up service to students arriving at the London Heathrow Airport to the University’s official accommodation. This service will only be arranged for groups of 10 students or more. Contact your faculty and/or the Global University Campus Manager to get the dates and time for scheduled group travels before booking your flight to the UK.

Getting through UK Immigration

To ensure that you get through the UK immigration as quickly and easily as possible, you are advised to have the following documents ready for inspection:

  • Your passport
  • Programme acceptance letter
  • Accommodation address in London
  • University address in London
  • Completed landing card (given to you either in the plane or found in the immigration hall)

The Immigration Officer will usually ask questions about your studies at Limkokwing University to prove that you are a genuine student and that you can speak English without needing an interpreter. Never give false or misleading information to Immigration Officials (including forged documents).

After you have passed through passport control, you will collect your luggage and then go through Customs Control.

Contacting the London Team

You must contact the Global University Campus Manager as soon as your flight has landed. Enable the Wi-Fi in your mobile device to use the Heathrow Wi-Fi network free for four hours.

  • Switch on your device and launch Wi-Fi
  • Choose the network “Heathrow Wi-Fi”
  • Choose the free service
  • Complete the registration details and tick your agreement to the terms and condition
  • Use the internet the way you normally do with your device
  • Contact the London Team immediately to ensure they know you have arrived

You should have the London contact details before flying to the UK.

Meeting points at the airport

Heathrow Terminal 1: Near Costa Coffee
Heathrow Terminal 2: Near WHSmith / Boots
Heathrow Terminal 3: Near WHSmith / Boots
Heathrow Terminal 4: Near Costa Coffee
Heathrow Terminal 5: Near Costa Coffee

Additional Tips

  1. All Limkokwing international students are advised to have a minimum of six months validity in their Malaysian visa. They must pay in full the required fees for the tuition and accommodation before applying for a UK visa.
  2. When applying online for your UK visa, read all the questions carefully and answer accurately. All questions marked with * are required to be filled.
  3. It is very important to specify the currency whenever you are asked about your expenditures e.g. USD, GBP, MYR
  4. On the accommodation section of the visa application form, please write the Global University Campus manager’s details only (click here for the London contact details).
  5. On the last page of the online visa application, when you are asked for additional information, please provide a brief description of how the London Global University Campus programme relates to your studies.
  6. Ensure that all your information and details are typed out correctly. Review twice before submitting.
  7. If you are confused with some of the questions in the online visa application, please ask your faculty leader and/or the Global University Campus Manager to assist you with your application.
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