Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Omid Ghajar

Omid Ghajar

Sound Designer, 2017
Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts

“Be passionate and you’ll succeed. You have to love what you are doing and keep the faith, view failures as opportunities to explore your potential, not as hindrances.”

26 May 2017

Limkokwing University alumnus Omid is an award winning sound engineer who received not only a degree, but also has several accolades under his belt in the audio industry.

He grew up with an interest in audio design. “When I was a kid I started to listen to stereo and a lot of cassettes, and used to record on top of them, so in high school my love for the audio industry grew even more.”

“After finishing high school, my friends recommended Limkokwing University to me, from then on I started to research about the University through its website and other publication materials.”

Omid took his first trip to Malaysia at the end of 2011 to visit the Limkokwing campus, which he said impressed him on sight. “I visited the recording studios. After I saw the equipment and campus environment, I knew it was the University I wanted to study at.”

Even though Omid always wanted to be in the audio industry, he took advice from his family and friends to try something else, so when he joined Limkowing University he studied Foundation in Design, and then moved on to a degree in animation.

I chose animation because it’s close to audio, and because if you watch a video and you mute it, you won’t enjoy it. And if you watch a video without visuals but only sound, you won’t enjoy it either.

Before joining Limkokwing, Omid had already made a name for himself in the industry. In 2012, YouTube offered him a partnership because of his mixes. He had 2.5 million followers from different professional backgrounds. “I had followers from professors to yoga instructors downloading my videos because they were free for all.”

At the end of his first year in Limkokwing, Omid entered the Satu Malaysia Competition. “I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show my parents and friends just how good I was with audio. I won the second place in the competition. The prize was a full scholarship which I was thankful for, because this gave me the chance to pursue audio studies.”

“After the Satu Malaysia Competition there was another one called Cyberjaya Song Competition. I won the second place in that one as well.”

“I joined Sound and Music Design Academy doing Bachelor (Hons) in Recording Arts. When I first joined, I did have some basic knowledge which was all experimental, but throughout the programme I honed my skills and learned how to apply creative ideas to my projects.”

Omid declared that since joining Limkokwing University his communication and creativity skills soared to new heights, which will help him throughout his career. “In my line of work you need to learn how to communicate with clients. If you don’t know how to sell your product, even if you are the best sound engineer, then you won’t excel in your career.”

“In Limkokwing we get to communicate with people from various cultures. In the future, one will learn to communicate with different clients from all over the world.”

“One has to always be creative, because the industries keep changing. The creativity factor in Limkokwing University trains you to always be upbeat with ideas and stay ahead of competition.”

Omid is entering another sound design competition and is also working with a couple of international clients for production. He mentioned that in the future he wants to dive into the gaming industry.

“Be passionate and you’ll succeed. You have to love what you are doing and keep the faith, view failures as opportunities to explore your potential, not as hindrances.”


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