Alumni @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
Seyed Pedram Mirsadeghi

Seyed Pedram Mirsadeghi

Fashion Designer/ Lecturer, 2016
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion & Retailing

Perseverance is everything; it will be a rough road ahead! Nothing good comes easy, easy come, easy go. To be successful in the fashion industry you have to be passionate and you have to know how to drive your creativity.

08 June 2016

Fashion Trendsetter

Seyed Pedram Mirsadeghi, alumnus of Limkokwing University in Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion and Retailing is working as a Fashion Designer and a lecturer. With many accolades under his belt Pedram shares the ropes of his career with us.

“I am Iranian, born in a city called Shiraz. The city has an amazing historical background and it is one of the most important in Iran, synonymous with education nightingales, poetry and wine.

My passion for fashion was from a very young age I remember my sister used to have a Barbie doll, which in the summer when I’m on school holidays; I’d make different kind of clothes for. I used to carry it with me at times to prove that I can actually design.

When I grew older I started to design for my family members; my mom, my sisters and for myself too. Whenever there were weddings and celebrations I always got excited. I’d start one month prior to the celebration to design a few pieces.

About 6 years ago I travelled to Malaysia, and was not intending to stay long. One day I was browsing through the net looking for Universities and Limkokwing University attracted me most because of its creativity.

I had a change of plans and decided to enroll for a Diploma in Fashion and Retailing. Previously I hadn’t taken a fashion course because I had a pure Mathematical background.

Limkokwing gave me a great and wide experience, because when I was in Iran I never knew the extent to which I could get closer to my dreams. This University gave me a chance to be who I am. The multicultural environment also made my creativity limitless.

The world of opportunities started opening up for me and in 2012 I entered Bumiputera Designers Association-Young Designers Competition and emerged as the champion.

I didn’t expect to win because I submitted everything late also entered the competition late, the reason being I had tons of ideas, put them all on paper and spent a great deal of time selecting which idea will go first.

The way I selected my pieces and the way I manipulated my design to become different from the others probably gave me a better chance to win and I did. That was my greatest achievement until now.

There are a lot of challenges in the fashion industry. Fashion totally depends on the individual and not everyone is going to follow/like your point of view and your concepts. Being involved in competitions you have to face judges who all have differing points of views, that’s when you feel a lot of pressure because you have to satisfy all of them if not most.

In 2013, I came as the 4th runner up for the New Zealand Fashion week competition; the same year I graduated from Diploma in Fashion and Retailing and got awarded Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Lim Kok Wing’s Award of Excellence.

I was overwhelmed by these achievements and I credit Limkokwing University highly, because if it wasn’t for the skills I learnt here I would not be where I am at this moment.  I don’t feel that I would have been as confident in my skills and abilities if I didn’t study here.

At Limkokwing, I was provided a platform to hone my skills through a lot of competitions and I also took part in the University’s annual fashion show; Creativity in Motion, which exposed me to industry practices and smoothened my transition to a fully fledged career.

In 2015, I graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion and Retailing and proudly received the Chancellor’s Special Award. With the experience I gained at Limkokwing I am confident that I can work anywhere in the world.

Currently I am working as a Fashion Designer for the Limkokwing Fashion Club; the world’s first fashion label by a University, I am also working as a lecturer and groom young upcoming designers. As an advice to students, to be successful in the fashion industry you have to be passionate and you have to know how to drive your creativity.”

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