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Known throughout the world for its intoxicating mix of cultures which has proven to be irresistible draw for people from all around the world.


Botswana attained its independence in 1966 and today, stands as one of the more advanced economies in Africa due to its diamond mining industry and a tourism industry that's thriving due to the country's abundant nature preserves.

English and Tswana are its two national languages while Pula is its national currency. Although it doesn't receive as much press as its more celebrated neighbours, Botswana is full exotic charms and boasts of an attraction like no other with the Okavango Delta.

Botswana Culture

Country Information

  • Capital city
  • Nationality
  • Language
  • Climate
  • Currency
  • Time Zone
  • Calling Code
  • Gaborone
  • Batswana
  • English & Setswana
  • Semi-arid
  • Pula (BWP)
  • (UTC+2)
  • +267
Explore Botswana

Okavango Delta

One of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world, the Okavango Delta gives entrance to the spectacle of wild Africa. The supreme tranquility and serenity of an untouched delta, and evocative scenes of extraordinary natural beauty.

Moremi Game Reserve

This gem of a National Park has garnered a number of important distinctions. in 2008, it was voted the "best game reserve in Africa" by the prestigious African Travel and Tourism Association at South Africa's premier tourism fair, Indaba.

Tsodilo Hills

Rising abruptly, and dramatically, from the Kalahari scrub bush – the rock face turning a copper colour in the dying sun – the magnetic power of Tsodilo Hills both captivates and mystifies. There is an undeniable spiritualism about the Hills that immediately strikes the visitor.

Exotic dishes

Botswana offers a wide selection for the palate. The food found in the country is a combination of exotic dishes found only in Botswana and dishes that are commonly found in the entire region. This has added a certain level of uniqueness to Botswana food that travelers to this country can experience.

Walking safari

Go on a walking safari - not for the faint-hearted but an exhilarating experience. In the hands of an experienced guide, you'll see nature close-up, and may, if you're lucky, get thrillingly close to wild animals.

Mountain biking

Mountain bike through the bush of the Mashatu Game Reserve in the Tuli Block, stopping to watch passing elephants. Take off from Maun by helicopter or light aircraft to get a bird's eye view (and take some amazing photographs) of the Okavango.

Horseback riding

On horseback you can venture further into the Delta and get much closer to the abounding wildlife. Encounter exciting moments along the game trails as your horseback safari ride brings you upon great herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest or a herd of elephants.

River Fishing

From the fish-rich hunting grounds of the Okavango Delta, Chobe and Linyati Rivers, to the quiet evenings spent aboard a houseboat, to the sweeping views of game of the national park beyond, Botswana offers the ideal fishing holiday.

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