A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal

5 July 2017

  • A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal
  • A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal
  • A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal
  • A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal
  • A New Generation of Creators to Build Nepal

On 22 June 2017, 37 students from IEC College of Arts and Fashion received their certificates as proud Limkokwing Global Campus graduates at the International Branding Gallery.

The ceremony was a bittersweet farewell as the fashion and interior design students conveyed that Malaysia has been ‘one of the most wonderful experiences in their entire life’.

In her emotional speech, fashion student Isha Dahal said, “Limkokwing made us feel like royals—especially the grand welcome on day one.”

“These three weeks taught us more than just how to be good at what we do. Now we are innovative individuals who can put our imagination and creativity onto any canvas—paper, fabric or even walls—as true artists,” she added.

Armed with the knowledge and experiences they have gained throughout their stay in Malaysia, these young creative minds are now inspired to harness their ideas and insights to rebuild Nepal.

Nepal lies beautifully among the slopes of some of the tallest mountains in the world, which makes it prone to earthquakes—the most recent one devastated the country in 2015. The disaster left natural landscapes and historic buildings destroyed, and over 9,000 Nepalese citizens were killed.

Two years since the tragic incident, the Himalayan country is still on the brink of rebuilding its severed economy as the massive earthquake affected its major industries: agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.

Reports dictate that the country and its youth lack entrepreneurial drive for drastic economic growth and overall development. In contrast, the Global Campus graduates were high in spirit throughout the programme, and had a burning desire to bring about a change.

One of the interior design students, Pranisha Baral, was eager to materialise her new-found insights during the Global Campus programme.

“I want to focus on how interior architecture can play a part in reducing the damage done by earthquakes. Building low-cost, earthquake-proof houses are the real long-term solutions.”

Fashion students were thrilled to revamp the existing fashion and textile industry.

“Fashion industry in Nepal is growing. We have fashion weeks every month, and designers are being appreciated for their work,” claimed fashion student Sarita Gurung.

However, it is very common to find young designers flying off to fashion capitals around the world to penetrate into the fashion world and contribute their creative skills.

That’s not the case for Sarita. “I want to be a fashion designer in Nepal. I think my country needs me more,” she added.

The Global Campus programme is a self-discovery journey to identify hidden skills and potentials of young people. Every semester, students from across the world visit Malaysia to be part of the 3-week programme and get a glimpse of Limkokwing University’s unconventional approach to education.

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