Adion Ailyn Caburao from the Philippines @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Adion Ailyn Caburao from the Philippines

19 August 2017

Adion’s first visit to Malaysia in December 2016 led her to discover Limkokwing University where she kick-started her career in Hair Design.

“I have always been interested in doing hair design and make-up. I couldn’t have chosen a better university, because Limkokwing is renowned for its unconventional learning approach.”

Limitless Creativity

Adion said that in hair design, one has to constantly come up with creative ideas. “When you work as a hair designer, you will always have some clients who would want to see you, but have a set style in mind.”

“But there are also clients who would want you to do what is best for them, based on their lifestyle and face shape. This is where you can really let your creativity flow and help a client get the look that is going to work best for them.”

Industry-Led Diploma

For Adion, Limkokwing University shapes and trains students by incorporating industry practices with experience.

“Even though I am currently doing my theory in hair design, I take part in a lot of events where I get to practice what I learn in the classroom. For example, every Thursdays I get to do hairstyling for the weekly fashion show.”

She believes that this expands her skills even further because each week requires different hairstyles.

“Studying here not only improves my hair designing skills but also my communication skills. I get to communicate with students from all over the world and learn about various cultures.”

High World of Fashion

“Hair design is entwined to the fashion industry, so the opportunities in this career are endless. With the skills that I have learned in Limkokwing University, I am confident that after I graduate I will be able to successfully run my own hair salon.”



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