Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar: Bridging the world of business with tech advanced solutions @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar: Bridging the world of business with tech advanced solutions

16 September 2022

Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar: Bridging the world of business with tech advanced solutions

For more than 11 years Rimaunangis Sdn. Bhd. and Rimaunangis Digital LLC have been successfully bridging the supply and demand gap of meat and premium meat in SouthEast Asia. Spearheading the company as The Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar says the company’s main goal is to have an interactive Metaverse platform providing full experience to the community while serving value on real-world.

Responsible for the company’s overall growth, expansion and becoming the leading company in the industry, Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar found a passion for business at a young age following his father’s footsteps. “I have been influenced by my father, a prominent businessman and have been exposed to international business dealings for many years. This has influenced me to start my own business and get to where I am today.”

Currently, Rimaunangis Digital LLC, is running a Metaverse project incorporating agricultural business to provide a full experience on the Metaverse platform.

“Our food security program has proven to bridge the gap on food security in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. By partnering with a government-linked company, we managed to help hundreds of small farmers and turn them into a fully operational business entities where they built the capacity for market needs.”

Studying Diploma in Graphic Design at Limkokwing University added an advantage to Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar’s career as it inspired his drive on bridging the world of creative technology and business ultimately shaping his vision on their latest Metaverse project.

Working through the pandemic had its fair share of challenges as it slowed the trading business was put on pause, however switching to digitalised way of doing things facilitated the company’s projects. “At this moment, we are yet reaching our full potential and we’re still building a sustainable ecosystem on Metaverse that relate on the real world.”

On his final word Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar said, “Decide on what you want to do in life and make sure every decision and action will be in service to that.”

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