Satish Shetty: On his path to becoming a journalism powerhouse @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Satish Shetty: On his path to becoming a journalism powerhouse

20 July 2022

He’s held several prestigious titles at some of the most reputable companies; a multi-platform producer, editor, and broadcast journalist and currently a copy editor at one of India’s leading Renewable Energy Media & Research Company called Mercom Communications India, his name is Satish Shetty.

Mercom Communications India is a subsidiary of U.S. - based Mercom Capital Group and aims to deliver accurate and informed news and research to renewable energy stakeholders and consumers to make change in the sector and contribute toward the global transition to renewables.

As a copy editor, Satish manages and writes news stories that are published on the website. His profile involves researching, talking to industry experts, and assigning news stories to reporters as well as cover video interviews.

Satish pursued his passion for journalism by studying Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Broadcasting & Journalism at Limkokwing University where he got to understand various aspects of journalism, writing and broadcasting.

“While I was studying, I covered live events, such as the Bersih Rally, the PM event and various internship opportunities, which really gave me the confidence that I needed to thrive in journalism. After my graduation, I have managed to work in the production of almost ten reality shows in Malaysia, followed by my role as a Multimedia News Producer at Reuters and now as Copy Editor at Mercom. At Limkokwing, the hands-on experience learning various skills, helped me hit the ground running in my job roles.”

One project that Satish is most excited about is working on a feature story covering ‘Path to India’s Renewable Energy Target in 2030.’ “It talks about the various policy changes and developments the country will have to undergo in order to achieve the target of 500 GW it has set in COP26, contributing to the action against global warming.”

The highlight of his job is covering policy changes, as it involves researching the background and understanding the core challenges.

“When covering a news story or a beat, it is important to get to the root of the story and analyse it from all points and then present your view. When I write about policies, it helps present a 360-degree view for both stakeholders, policymakers as well as common people, which is what excites me.”

Over time, he has managed to work with one of the renowned news organisations in the world - Reuters, which he acknowledges it as his biggest achievement since graduating. “I have also managed host and moderate a lot of discussions involving Indian renewable energy stakeholders, which I am very proud of.”

Educating all about the global transition towards renewable energy

“I wish to bring about a positive change with the stories I cover. I wish to play an active role in the global transition towards renewable energy and be in the forefront of the news coverage about the sector to help educate and inform my readers about it, as the change takes place. Renewable Energy transition in the face of global warming is inevitable, and I wish to be one of many to help educate everyone about the change that is coming.”

Working from home during the pandemic, was a challenge for Satish but over time and with the help of his team members, they were able to operate smoothly. “It was and is very important in situations like this to work together as a team. In my case, a smooth operation in the face of the pandemic was only possible because of effective teamwork.”

His advice to students was, “It is very important for new students to analyse the realities of the industry before they pick a field. Sometimes what you might experience when you start working will be very different from your expectations. Even while you are studying, it is important to not just stick to the classroom knowledge but also go out and explore and plan your own projects. Don’t just wait for someone to tell you what to do to excel, or you will be following orders even in your job roles. Take the risk and pace your own path.”

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