“Broken Carnatics” by Sri Barratan

10 July 2018

“Broken Carnatics” by Sri Barratan

Sri Barratan from Malaysia, a Diploma in Sound and Music Technology student at the Sound and Music Design Academy, titled his final year project album “Broken Carnatics.”

He said he came upon the name because he wanted to create a carnatic music album with a fusion of electronic.

Carnatic music, or Karnāṭaka saṃgīta, is most common in Southern India and Sri Lanka.

His chosen demographic are teens and young adults, despite the fact that younger audiences seem to have shifted away from Carnatic music in favour of more mainstream acts.

“I picked electronic music for fusion because it is one of the biggest and widely trending music genres today, and if you listen to my album, you will notice the way I composed and designed it precisely to attract younger listeners,” said Sri.

Deeper Meaning

Sri said most of the songs on the album are about the unsolved psychological problems in the Indian community in Malaysia.

He also strongly believes that Carnatic music is more than capable of influencing youngsters, if it tweaked for modern tastes.

Producing the album involved a significant amount of work, but he believes that it will be worth it and hopes that creating a fusion with these two genres will spark the interest of other races to learn more about traditional Indian music.

“Making an album is really hard, especially to execute ideas on how to create Carnatic music with the fusion of electronic music,” he said.

Several other challenges that he faced were studio bookings, meeting with various clients, and time management.

The only way he managed to overcome those challenges was by staying closely connected with friends and lecturers.

Lessons Learnt

The production of “Broken Carnatics” taught Sri about team work, the importance of paying attention to detail, and being open to assistance and advice from lecturers and friends. 

To students still in the early stages of their journey, Sri advised them to look hard for their niche, and most importantly, find the right team to work with and keep working harder than ever!

“After doing some thorough research about this University and having discussed with my family, I found out that Limkokwing University is undoubtedly the best place to pursue Audio Engineering courses,” said Sri.

“I would definitely recommend Limkokwing to those who are interested in this field.”

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