CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University

18 March 2016

  • CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University
  • CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University
  • CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University
  • CLEO Speakup Workshop at Limkokwing University

Limkokwing University hosted Malaysia’s Fashion Industry Influencers during the CLEO Speak Up session in conjunction with Laurier and Hada Labo on 23 Feb.

The CLEO Speak Up was attended by University Alumni Sazzy Falak, Founder & Chief Director of StreetfastKL and Ira Roslan, BluInc Media Sdn Bhd Fashion Editor. Also attending were Vivy Yusof, Managing Director and Founder of Fashion Valet, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim Kok Wing, Limkokwing University Vice President, Brand Creativity and Talent Development, Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity students and lecturers as well as orientation programme students.

The workshop session enabled students to gain insights through personal perspectives from experienced industry professionals.

TV personality Sazzy Falak stressed the importance of humility within a highly competitive industry to develop career growth.

“Never think you know enough because time is always changing,” she said. “So keep learning at every opportunity.”

Together with commitment, Sazzy added that the best lessons are learned through trial and error.

Vivy Yusof, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, said determination is another important key factor towards success.

“You have to work hard and start from the bottom,” she explained. “You need to learn as much as you can while taking care of your own branding.”

“Success means growing as a person and as an entrepreneur to ensure that people recognise your label,” she said.

According to her, keeping an open mind when facing difficulties can help aspiring entrepreneurs gain valuable experience. By working with prominent fashion brands and experienced industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs can discover new ideas and techniques.

“A lot of things in the fashion world is subjective,” said Ira Roslan while highlighting the importance of recognising and identifying prospective ventures. “If opportunity knocks, don’t ignore it.”

“When you meet people who have experience, you can take the opportunity to learn from their experience and how it made them successful.”

Limkokwing University incorporates industry exposure in its learning approach with experienced professionals. The University’s workshop sessions enable students to foster networking opportunities to compete in a globalised market. 

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