IT insights by T-Systems Expert

18 June 2017

IT insights by T-Systems Expert

The Head of Dynamic Platform Services Mr. Senthil Perumal from T-Systems Malaysia visited Limkokwing University on 9 June 2017.

The purpose of the visit was to share insights on the information technology industry with students from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Business Management and the Faculty of Multimedia.

Mr. Senthil Perumal has 9 years of experience in leadership positions both locally and globally. He is currently a leader in complex infrastructure services, cloud services, business processes as well as security and compliancy services. He is also responsible for global operations, and manages Shell’s global account.

Mr. Perumal spoke on T-Systems’ roles and responsibilities, cloud computing, principle portfolio road map, and employer expectations.

“We expect certain qualities for fresh graduates who want to join T-Systems. There are five areas we focus on and they are attitude, technical knowledge, adaptation to change and transformation, being quality driven, and thinking differently.”

He added that overall, the right attitude counts in qualities of an employee, because one must be able to adapt to transformation and changes in the workplace.

“IT is continuously changing so one needs to keep up with the trends and be equipped with basic knowledge of the industry, because those are the employers’ expectations.” He elaborated that most of the industries are looking for creative thinkers who are flexible to change and can work in various departments.

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