Limkokwing In Partnership To Set Up Creative Hub In Indonesia @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Limkokwing In Partnership To Set Up Creative Hub In Indonesia

28 May 2024

  • Limkokwing In Partnership To Set Up Creative Hub In Indonesia
  • Limkokwing In Partnership To Set Up Creative Hub In Indonesia
  • Limkokwing In Partnership To Set Up Creative Hub In Indonesia

In view of the growing AI dominance, creativity is becoming a vital resource for a country’s human capital to navigate and manage the economy to sustain competitiveness.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, has been singled out for collaboration by Hatching Academy, a subsidiary of Future Creative Network (FCN) a distinctive corporation in Indonesia.

Ms. Mayatania Bolyn, the HR Director of FCN and the Business Leader for Hatching Academy Indonesia, said the growth and the penetration of new technologies such as AI and Web 3.0 have had a marked effect on performance marketing.

“We need to keep pace with the innovation that is emerging,” she said, adding that the landmark partnership will bring them closer to their aim of elevating Indonesia’s delivery of creative education and fostering a new generation of talented artists and professionals.

She expressed excitement about the collaboration with Limkokwing University, stating that it will strengthen their intention to establish a hub for nurturing the next generation of innovators and visionaries.

Through this collaboration, Hatching Academy will deliver Limkokwing University’s short courses, providing aspiring artists and professionals with access to cutting-edge creative education. By combining Limkokwing’s global perspective with Hatching Academy’s local expertise, the partnership promises to unlock new horizons for Indonesia’s creative talents.

Maya stated that Limkokwing University, with its illustrious history and strong presence in Indonesia, boasts an impressive alumni network that includes many prominent figures in the creative industries. “I just love all of them, especially those that I know personally, and there are so many more well-known public figures who are graduates from Limkokwing,” she said, highlighting that Limkokwing University had an exceptional reputation in her country.

Echoing the significance of this collaboration, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, Chief Branding Officer of Limkokwing University, shared her insights: “We have always been very proud of our Indonesian alumni and keep track of their many successes. This collaboration enables us to tap their strengths to benefit their country. The University is entering a new phase in its development and we are very excited to forge this collaboration to bring our creative philosophy and expertise to assist in strengthening Indonesia’s economic competitiveness.”

The partnership between Hatching Academy and Limkokwing University holds the potential to transform the creative workforce in Indonesia. Maya explained, “I believe that it can evolve when it comes to elevating the standard of creative education. Nowadays, all the top figures in the creative industry are veterans. This partnership will lay the groundwork to build up new creative talents in Indonesia.”

Limkokwing University and Hatching Academy are well-positioned to shape the future of creative education in Indonesia, empowering individuals to unleash their full potential and contribute to the growth of the region’s vibrant creative economy.

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