Platform to Showcase Talent

18 May 2017

  • Platform to Showcase Talent
  • Platform to Showcase Talent
  • Platform to Showcase Talent
  • Platform to Showcase Talent
  • Platform to Showcase Talent

The Limkokwing International Cultural Festival 2017 featured cultural exhibitions from over 60 countries. Through traditional performances of songs, dance, poetry, drama plays and country booth displays, students shared and learned about different cultures from around the world.

The annual festival also provided a platform for students from over 150 countries to showcase their skills in various fields such as communication, branding, multimedia, performing arts, fashion as well as sound and music.

Student groups from various countries were tasked to use art and design to create booths that mimic their country’s historical places and landmarks.

Towards the end of the Cultural Festival they were judged under the following categories: Best Cultural Booth, Best Cultural Attire and Best Cultural Performance.

Winner of the Best Cultural Booth was Indonesia followed by Bangladesh (1st runner-up) and Iraq (2nd runner-up). Best Cultural Performance was won by India followed by Nigeria (1st runner-up) and Libya (2nd runner-up). Swaziland took the prize for the Best Cultural Attire.

Student ambassador from Bangladesh Mohammed Ibrahim Khan beamed that their dreams came true on winning 1st runner-up for their booth.

“We have been waiting for this moment for the five years we’ve been participating in the Limkokwing Cultural Festival and today we got it. This year’s festival was surely the biggest and we competed with countries from all over the world just under one roof. This award really made the Bangladesh community so proud,” Mohammed added.

Bachelor of Business (Hons) in International Business student Amir Elfayah from Libya expressed his appreciation to Limkokwing University for giving students the opportunity to display their talents.

“We are so happy to have been able to represent Libya in the grand Limkokwing Cultural Festival and it means a lot to us to be 2nd runner-up for Best Cultural Performance.”

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