MBA in Human Resource Management @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

MBA in Human Resource Management

KPT/JPS (A7626) 09/12

The MBA in HRM programme is designed to meet the needs of a broad but unique population for fresh graduates or the working adults. Students will learn concepts and skills for making the most of the company's human resources. Topics covered are such as training and development, strategic staffing, labour and employment law, managing organisational change, compensation and benefits, and leadership and team building.

In addition, students will also learn the human resource issues triggered by technology and the international business environment, how to apply the knowledge as a human resource manager or personnel officer in business and public organisations and help organisations to increase employee efficiency and productivity with successful human resource programmes.

This will help students to be more aware of the challenges that face global business and gives them the ability to develop the tools, competencies, and long-range mindset needed to meet these challenges.

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