Akram Ahmed Salim Almasruri from Oman @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Akram Ahmed Salim Almasruri from Oman

3 February 2017

A determined person who likes to get things done, Omani student Akram Ahmed Salim Almasruri began to pursue Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia to begin a career in software development.

He knew about Limkokwing University after watching a Youtube video about it. The University’s creative and multicultural approach towards learning appealed to him.

Industry-Driven Path

He describes the University’s classroom environment as ‘learning from the industry’.

“What I noticed about Limkokwing is that it is a very industry-driven path,” he said. “It puts us in real-life setups.”

He explained that the lecturers in the University encourage students to meet and work with industry experts through a variety of industry visits and seminars. This has exposed students to experienced professionals from big-named companies such as Google.

“It has a tremendous effect on what we do because we eventually gain a better understanding of the industry,” he said. “This early exposure could help me adapt to the industry better.”

Recent Project

He developed a website project which he had to present through a poster presentation.

“I had to create a report about the poster which was almost like a semi-thesis,” he said. “It involved a lot of heavy research about the topic that I picked.”

His project is a website that focuses on making English learning easier. It is an online English tutoring programme called “English Language Learning with Multimedia System”, which works like an interactive library that allows users to work with other people.

He explains that this online course would enable users to learn English at their own pace, while having fun at the same time.

“It has several fun activities such as games to help users learn English faster,” he said. “My focus is to reach all demographics—from seniors, to postgraduates to pre-schoolers.”

Gaining Independence

“I was afraid when I first came to Malaysia,” he said. “It was the first time I lived away from my family.”

He had to learn to pay his own bills and cook his own food. He says it was challenging at first but it became easier when he started making new friends. 

Multicultural Learning Environment

“Coming to Malaysia, I didn’t expect to be so exposed to so many cultures,” he added. “I never thought I would have friends from Mexico, United States and Malaysia.”

He explained that he learned a lot from his lecturers and gained a better understanding of different cultures as well.

“It feels like the whole world in one place,” he said. “It is very diverse and that made things so much better.”

He stressed that that the learning environment in the University unifies students from different cultures.

“You can see how everyone can get along well despite the differences.”

Future Plans

Akram Ahmed Salim Almasruri hopes to begin his career as soon as he graduates.

“My career opportunities are diverse as I have a better understanding of the industry,” he said. “Getting an early exposure would make it easier for me to adapt into the programme.”

He credited his experience at Limkokwing University for enabling him to have a wide range of career choices.
“I can be a software developer, software manager or a project manager,” he added.

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