BRDB invites Limkokwing students to participate in ‘Art in the Park’ competition

19 August 2019

BRDB invites Limkokwing students to participate in ‘Art in the Park’ competition

Bandar Raya Development Berhad (BRDB)’s Chief of Marketing, Nancy Tan visited Limkokwing Cyberjaya to discuss collaborating with the University in ‘Art in the Park’ Competition. She was accompanied by Head of AMG Marketing, Cynthia Ng.

Art in The Park is a BRDB initiative that aims to preserve Rawang’s heritage and translate historic artifacts through public art ultimately promoting local artists as well as nurturing emerging artists.

After a campus tour headlined by the University’s Vice President of Brand, Creativity and Talent Development, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, BRDB showcased a slideshow of their upcoming project in Tamansari Rawang.

Giving a brief about the competition, Nancy Tan said, “We want the students to create something of use to the community. We are ready to support and invest in the ideas and bring them to life.”

“We want to collaborate with your students who we know are future talents and future artists. We want students to come up with creative ideas where people can interact with the art,” she concluded.

Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim expressed that the University is pleased and grateful for the opportunity BRDB availed to Limkokwing students.
“We love to work with industry at Limkokwing University. We are pleased to hear that you want to work with our students. The creativity of our students is pure. They allow their imagination to run wild, therefore, they need to be briefed of how to create what is practical for your project,” Dato’ Tiffanee added.

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