“Embodiment of Love” by Chong Chun Mei

28 July 2018

  • “Embodiment of Love” by Chong Chun Mei
  • “Embodiment of Love” by Chong Chun Mei
  • “Embodiment of Love” by Chong Chun Mei

Malaysian-born Chong Chun Mei is a Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Professional Design student who chose to explore the meaning of love from a unique perspective for her final year project.

“The Embodiment of Love” is a collection of zines that embrace the most well known symbol in the world, love.

Chun Mei said the purpose of her project was to allow realization among the people of little things about love that actually matters.

“It is also to allow readers to desire true love according to the fundamental values and also meant to share tips and factual ways on handling our loved ones,” said Chun Mei.

Chun Mei’s target demographic are young romantic readers and generally anyone who desires for love and would like to explore it.

Big love for little things

Through this project, Chun Mei aims to solve the neglection of humans towards little things in life and love, which she feels deserves a lot more emphasis.

She also said in the current market, people are starting to observe and have good eyes for design, especially when it involves love, a very general and broad topic that usually gets overlooked.

“I saw a perfect opportunity to spread the goodness of love by using interesting designs and content which will definitely be of great value in the market,” said Chun Mei.

She said the little things that she finds in her everyday life and being surrounded by people who share only positive vibes, such as family, friends and random people - are her source inspiration. 

Biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges that she encountered would be the visualisation of the compilation of verbal stories.

“I needed to make sure that audience could understand my stories just by looking at certain illustrations and photographs,” sadi Chun Mei.

As a Limkokwing student, she believes her decision has done her future right as she picked skills in the areas of visualisation - a process that involves a certain understanding in terms of portraying messages, graphic elements, detailing and execution of the entire process.

She also said it is important to discover and follow personal instinct when it comes to creating, because as a graphic designing student, you need to be true to yourself.

“There’s always an authentic side of you that no one can possess, execpt yourself,” said Chun Mei.

She said one of the reasons that made her choose Limkokwing University was the culture of allowing students to grow and explore their creativity, unhindered.

“The environment of the University speaks of design very well from any possible angle that you could find,” said Chun Mei.

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