Grace Low: Media Guru On The Rise @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Grace Low: Media Guru On The Rise

8 April 2022

From working as an assistant producer handling several TV channels in Media Prima to co-producing films in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Grace Low is now the regional director of Ufriend Media which deals with handling digital advertising of various Chinese media platforms such as Wechat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Meituan Dianping.

Last year in April, she was awarded one of the Women of Excellence by Y.B Puan Dr. Siti Mariah Binti Mahmud, the EXCO of Health, Women and Family Empowerment of Malaysia. This year she was awarded one of the Outstanding Leadership by Marketing 2.0 Conference, Dubai 2022 in recognition of contributing in the field of marketing and advertising.

UFriend Media is a professional digital services company in Singapore established since 2019 and newly established in Malaysia May 2020. With many years of experience and expertise in the lifestyle industry, UFriend Media provides digital marketing service and integrated O2O solutions such as food delivery and reservation and e-wallet payment, campaign/traffic driving product set up in various platforms to mention a few.

During the pandemic, UFriend served an important role in assisting F&B clients in setting up online businesses in Singapore. It also assisted SMEs in Malaysia in promoting cross border B2B businesses to mainland China.

One of Grace’s golden opportunities which she’s proud of to date is working with MATRADE and Tourism Malaysia during the pandemic hard time.

“As a digital advertising practitioner,being given the chance to work on tourism/leisure contents during the pandemic has given me an eye opener to “Cuti-cuti Malaysia”. Since we couldn’t fly out overseas, that let me begin to explore more about domestic traveling, now, I am super in-love with Malaysia’s island especially Lang Tengah, Langkawi and of course Sabah! The good stuff of working in digital industry now is I somewhat got to enjoy some staycations with great discounts!”

Recounting on her University life studying at Limkokwing, Grace was grateful to have had a chance to meet and network with students from every corner of the world.

“My uni-life was great, I had a chance to communicate with different people who come from various countries, cultural background, and native language. At such I believe that opened the horizon for me to master my courage to speak up confidently when dealing with various communities and clients. Limkokwing gave me the guts to put practical first more than theoretical knowledges; I remembered we had tonnes of physical presentation more than theory-based exams and theses. As a digital marketer I totally support the fact of us having more physical practises rather than “follow by the book”, that could never happen when you step out to the working world.”

Despite challenges brought by the pandemic, Grace believes perseverance is the only way to succeed. “From “working from home” to “hiring the young bloods dilemma”, we always face challenges but as leaders, I guess we got no choice but to troubleshoot it, again and again, these are adventurous part of life, right? Stay with a positive attitude, to learn and to observe. Like the famous inspirational quote, you probably found from Google, “Dwell on the beauty of life, and keep learning.”


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