Ilaria Lanzoni of Hearts On Fire

10 April 2018

Ilaria Lanzoni of Hearts On Fire

Hearts On Fire (HOF), one of world’s leading jewellery retailers, and the company's star designer - Ilaria Lanzoni - attracted a large crowd at their industry talk, held at the Branding Gallery on 5 April 2018.

Ilaria Lanzoni, HOF’s Design Director, has an amazing 17 years of experience in the industry, and she mainly spoke about her journey and how it has helped her become an expert in her chosen field.

“Jewellery is timeless and it is something that will only grow as the demand among the people is always there,” said Lanzoni as she opened her presentation.

Lanzoni said the diamond industry has no limitations, and that there’s always new ideas being incorporated every year just so to keep up with the demands of customers.

“I have been with HOF for six years now, and I still have a lot to learn, especially the way people see jewellery designing in different countries, but I strongly foresee the business to do even better in Malaysia in the future,” she said.

She also said that she hopes to learn more about the Malaysian culture, in order to be able to produce the best designs.

“Determination, passion, hardwork and curiosity will bring you success in this field,” added Lanzoni.

She further urged aspiring individuals to always be curious and interested in learning new things.

Know the outside world

“Talk to people, look at what people wear and follow the latest fashion trends; well these are some of the easy yet powerful ways to follow, to be able to excel in this fast-moving industry,” said Lanzoni.

“Everything in Limkokwing University is about creativity and that is very important for students as it prepares them for the tough world ahead,” she added.

She advised aspiring individuals to be creative and not to fear failure.

“Be a creator of something because the art of creation is wonderful and it will make you stand out among the rest.”

Secret to success

When asked about her secret to success, Lanzoni confidently said “Well, we don’t have the recipe to success in an instant, but we have to be strong, know the world, work hard and everything will happen accordingly”.

“If I had an opportunity, I would definitely come back to this campus, well probably come here and teach,” said Lanzoni.

She also said the reception on campus was amazing, and she could feel the positive energy of being around so many young, talented and creative people.

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