Inspidea an inspiration for FMC students

4 July 2018

  • Inspidea an inspiration for FMC students
  • Inspidea an inspiration for FMC students
  • Inspidea an inspiration for FMC students

One of Malaysia’s largest 2D animation studios, Inspidea, dropped by Limkokwing University on 29 June 2018 for the FMC ARTtention Graduate Internal Industry Review.

Inspidea is a Limkokwing industry partner and has visited the Cyberjaya campus several times, conducting industry talks and visits.

“After reviewing the projects, I can boldly say, some of the students already have the overall package and look set and ready for the industry,” said Inspidea animation supervisor, Lim Wei Choon.

“There was one particular student, who’s editing skills and the way he improvised the visuals were really mind-blowing, and it really impressed me a lot,” said Choon.

He said he could really see strong potential in the students’ drawing, and he had no doubt that their overall execution could be improved.

“We already have quite a number of students from Limkokwing University who are doing very well, and after today’s industry review, we hope to see more students join us in the future,” said Choon.

“To be successful in this industry, you have to have passion, patience and persistence – and this is what will bring you far,” he concluded.

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