“Signature” by Nadir Abdul Salam

6 August 2018

  • “Signature” by Nadir Abdul Salam
  • “Signature” by Nadir Abdul Salam
  • “Signature” by Nadir Abdul Salam

Nadhir Abdul Salam's final year project album “Signature” is steeped in tradition and religious elements, something of a risk in this age of mainstream, radio-friendly hits-dominated charts.

The album was produced, mixed and mastered in the “Spiritique” genre - which Nadhir reckons most youngsters won’t find appealing on the first take.

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Recording Arts student at the Sound and Music Design Academy however remains hopeful that the body of work will enhance unity among people from different races and religions.

Born in India, Nadhir was raised and spent most of his life in Qatar, where he learned and developed his passion for Arab music and the oud - a short-neck lute-type, pear-shaped stringed instrument.

Arab music as an inspiration

Nadhir said his inspiration was Arabic music as it gave him inner peace, and he felt driven to produce something in a similar genre to reach out to the people.

He also believes that using music to advocate unity among people will be effective, as music can calm the soul.

“The artists for three songs from this album were my own siblings, and I had to take so much care and concentrate really well when recording their vocals as I was only able to do so when I was back home during holidays,” said Nadhir as it was one of the problems he faced during the production.

He said he learned a lot from his lecturers, who contributed and extended their industry skills, proving vital in the completion of the production.

“My advice to students - never take your work lightly and make sure to complete it on time. Lastly, if I can do it, so do you,” said Nadhir.

Nadhir said the reason he chose Limkokwing is because this was the best University that offered music course in Malaysia – with the best facilities and experienced lecturers who are industry-relevant individuals.

Nadhir said Limkokwing University was definitely the best place to pursue his studies, and it has been the best decision he has ever made in his life.

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