Students participate in Russia-Malaysia 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition

21 May 2017

Students participate in Russia-Malaysia 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Limkokwing students participated in a visual art exhibition that was held during the 50th anniversary of the Malaysia-Russia diplomatic relations at Malaysia’s National Visual Arts Gallery on 11 May 2017.

This visual art exhibition entitled “Malaysia-Russia: Past. Present. Future” represents a creative experiment that showcases the history of the relationship between Malaysia and Russia. The exhibition consists of three projects and featured the unveiling of the bust of Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay, an outstanding Russian anthropologist and ethnologist who was sculpted by Russian artist Gregory Pototsky.

Students from Limkokwing University created a presentation on a joint project named ‘Prospects’, which was supervised by Russian artist Nikolai Lugovoy who provided students with guidance and ideas. The joint project displayed the potentials for cooperation between Malaysia and Russia while encouraging bilateral ties between the two nations.

Two other visual art projects were also featured during the exhibition. The first is the ‘Heritage’, a dedication to the transformation of Russian art into Malaysian cultural heritage by using examples of Russian artist Gregory Pototsky and Malaysian collectors. The second project was comprised of artworks of Russian murals artists Julia Volchkova, whose artworks had already become recognisable tourist attractions in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibition enabled students to gain industry exposure and networking opportunities. During the joint project exhibition, students worked with experienced professionals from various countries to prepare the exhibition.

“I think that by working with an established artist such as Nikolai, it will help me to know how to express my creativity,” said Iranian student Soha Khezri who is studying Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Industrial Design.

“What I enjoyed the most was collaborating with other artists and sharing ideas,” added Malaysian student Irene Lee who is studying BDP BA (Hons) of Creative Imaging in Digital Photography.

“I learned that both Malaysia and Russia share the same characteristics, which is diversity, and I believe that when the diversity of both countries comes together, it will develop into better relationships.”

“This exhibition gives me more experience,” said Deborah Hiew Sue Enn who is studying Foundation in Design. “I learned about time management and working with other team members.”

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