Uganda welcomes Limkokwing to play a role in Vision 2040

26 July 2018

  • Uganda welcomes Limkokwing to play a role in Vision 2040
  • Uganda welcomes Limkokwing to play a role in Vision 2040
  • Uganda welcomes Limkokwing to play a role in Vision 2040

Senior government leaders from Uganda led by the Second Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Dr. Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, visited the Cyberjaya campus on 20 July 2018 to invite Limkokwing University to take part in the nation’s transformational agenda known as Vision 2040.

Accompanying him were High Commissioner of Uganda to Malaysia, Ambassador Dorothy Samali Hyuha, and top officials from the Uganda National Planning Department and National Land Authority.

Uganda Vision 2040 was a masterplan launched to transform Uganda into a modern and prosperous nation.

To achieve its vision in education, Uganda plans to accelerate government reforms in the education system and the curriculum to obtain a globally competitive human resource with skills relevant to the development paradigm

In 2017, a memorandum of understanding (Mou) was signed by Limkokwing University and the government of Uganda over a wide range of potential collaborations, the biggest of which was the setting up of a Limkokwing University campus.

Citing Africa’s conventional education system, Hon. Dr Kivejinja affirmed that Limkokwing University’s creative approach to education would indeed add value and close Uganda’s current skills gap between academia and industry, resulting in more marketable graduates. 

Wide-ranging collaboration

Having already changed the landscape of education in Botswana, Lesotho, eSwatini and Sierra Leone, Limkokwing University was invited to equip the youth of Uganda with industry-relevant skills that will help in achieving Vision 2040.

After a tour of the campus and Presidential library, the high-powered Ugandan delegation met with Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Limkokwing and the University’s senior management team.

The Hon Dr. Kivejinja began by thanking Tan Sri Limkokwing for his lifelong contribution towards innovation and education, and also congratulated him and the University for all their achievements – as evidenced in the campus’s trophy-lined corporate boardroom.

“We have vision 2040, and your presence in Uganda is a vital aspect of that transformation,” said the Hon Dr. Kivejinja.

He said Malaysia and Uganda also have a shared colonial background, and pointed out that the formal western education system is over-glorified and required adaptation and evolution with the fast-changing times.

Tan Sri Limkokwing responded by saying that the old system of education was no longer relevant, and quipped that if the system was no longer beneficial, it was definitely time for a change.

Following a brief video presentation on University higthlights – including the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Summit hosted at the Cyberjaya campus - the Hon Dr. Kivejinja said that the time was ripe for transformation in Uganda, and the country was in need of assistance in the form the ideas.

“What I convey here is also the aspiration of the President,” he added, alluding to plans which are now underway for a Limkokwing University campus to be established in Uganda.

In response to this, Tan Sri Limkokwing thanked Hon Dr. Kivejinja, adding that the University would welcome the opportunity to be part of the new Uganda.

He also mentioned that a strategic plan needs to be put in place to attract and retain top rated talents which will make Uganda a creative hub for Africa and a centre for excellence in education.

“This University has been skills-driven since day one. Yes, we plan to be there in Uganda. We can play a role,” said Tan Sri Limkokwing.


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