ILC is the premier centre for learning English in Malaysia – with an international faculty of qualified and experienced teachers, located at the Limkokwing University flagship global campus in Cyberjaya.

Linguaskill Test Preparation Programme

The best preparation begins at ILC

Linguaskill testing system is one of the world’s most recognised English test platforms. It is accepted by all countries that have an English proficiency requirement. Linguaskill certification will open the door for you to study, work and live anywhere in the world.

Programme Brief

Our Linguaksill Test Preparation Programme covers all four English language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. Our experienced and qualified teachers use the latest methods and programme material to give you the best preparation and confidence to take on Linguaksill Test.

The programme is made up of four levels – beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. A simple placement test will determine which level is best suited for you. Each level takes 12 weeks to complete.

Programme Learning Outcome

  • Develop academic writing and listening skills
  • Improve speaking fluency and accuracy
  • Learn vocabulary specific to typical test themes
  • Improve knowledge of grammar, functions, register and discourse
  • Utilize practical test strategies including pre-reading, organization and timing
  • Improve overall test-taking skills and test practice

Programme Availability

  • Cyberjaya Campus
  • Remote learning

Enrolment Requirements for Linguaskill Test Preparation Programme

You will be required to take a Placement Test to determine your current proficiency in English.

This will help ensure your journey at ILC begins at the level most suited to you.

The Linguaskill Test Preparation Programme is open to all – from beginners with the most basic English skills, to those with advanced aptitude in the language.

Next Available Intake

All year round

Immersion Programme

The immersion programme is an intensive English programme. Our classes are open to anyone who wishes to learn and improve their English language skills, in order to communicate effectively and to realise their personal, professional or educational goals. This programme consists of four levels from basic to advanced. Students will take a proficiency test to ascertain the appropriate level of their study.

Immersion Programme Intake Dates

All year round

Programme Availability

  • Cyberjaya Campus
  • Remote learning

Why Study at ILC?

When you enroll at ILC, you will be part of a global classroom with students from all over the world, guided by an international team of expert teachers with the experience and qualifications to meet all your needs.

Upon achieving the required proficiency level, you can transfer smoothly from ILC and continue your studies at the prestigious Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Enhance career prospects

As an international language, English widens career options and business opportunities in the international market. Thus, it is crucial that students around the world master this language. What better place to acquire this skill than at Limkokwing University? Here, English is widely spoken in a multicultural environment and learning opportunities are abundant, creating a pathway to a better future in a global environment.

All LEI teachers

  • Hold internationally-recognised teaching qualifications
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of English and expertise to communicate it effectively
  • Encourage students to participate in class and help them maximise opportunities for language learning outside the classroom
  • Incorporate the latest technology in their teaching
  • Are sensitive to the cultural issues associated with studying in a multinational environment

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