Industry Talk by Mark Terrano @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Industry Talk by Mark Terrano

10 May 2016

Students from Limkokwing’s Faculty of Media Studies attended an industry talk which featured Mark Terrano, Design Director & Founder for Hidden Path Entertainment on 6 Apr.

During his visit on campus, he shared his experience to provide greater insights on emerging media platforms in the game industry.

Mark was the lead designer and programmer on titles in the Ages of Empires franchise and held lead designer position on best-selling strategy games of all times: Ages of Empires 2: Ages of Kings. His contribution to the game has sold over 17 million copies worldwide.

He has written papers on multiplayer networking, game design and usability. He was a panel leader for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy Awards Nomination group, has served on the Austin Games Conference advisory board and worked with International Game Developer Association special interest groups. He also supports game developers around the world and shares his expertise through his role as a Technical Game Manager for the Xbox organisation.

During his visit to Limkokwing University, Mark’s vast gaming experience enabled students to know more about the virtual gaming industry.

“Games are such a global force for creativity and expression,” he said. “There is an opportunity for innovation.”

“Globally, there is a need for stories that have not been told yet,” he added. “Malaysia is a cultural melting pot with many stories with many new experiences to be told.”

He also explains that the industry required talent in various fields especially in terms of technical and story-telling skills.

“We look for people with a broad range of skills with a passion for a particular skill,” Mark explained. “Being an expert in one particular area is important but individuals that work well as team members are just as important.”

For student Nicodemus Eka Gunawan who is studying Bachelor of Arts in Game Art Development, the meeting gave him greater understanding in game development.

He learned about business potential in future gaming as well as opportunities in VR (Virtual Reality) platforms.

Nicodemus also said that VR games is still relatively new and developers looking into VR platforms to establish a working title.

“People are still figuring the details to create a working VR game.” he explained. “The game industry itself is still growing.”

Limkokwing University regularly conducts industry talks with professionals to share their experiences with aspiring students. This exposure enables students to learn new developments in the industry while creating new ideas to compete in a globalised industry.


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