Limkokwing Jakarta

Begin your exciting journey at the Limkokwing Jakarta campus. Experience the bustling metropolis that is Jakarta while pursuing your studies at the world's foremost creativity university.

Global Empowerment in the Creative Heartland of Indonesia

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology is one of the most globalized universities in the world with 12 campuses located in Asia, Africa and Europe. Limkokwing's student population hails from 150 countries; each campus is a unique melting pot that offers invaluable insights of several cultures under one roof. Limkokwing gives you the flexibility to gain a global education that puts you in a competitive position when you seek employment with the best organizations in the world.

Limkokwing Jakarta offers quality education with exciting learning pathways designed to give you the flexibility of studying in several countries to complete your degree.

21st Century Digital Tools Bring Your Imagination to Life

At the Jakarta campus, you will have the latest, most cutting-edge digital tools at your disposal to bring your imagination to life! Limkokwing Jakarta programmes are accompanied by affordable tuition fees and designed to enhance your creativity and develop industry-relevant skills that prepare you for a seamless transition from classroom to industry.

Upon completion of your Year 1 studies at the Jakarta campus, you will have the opportunity to continue your studies in Malaysia or other Limkokwing campuses en route to completing your degree.

Study, Play, Indulge

The Jakarta campus is located in the Kelapa Gading area, known to the locals as a "city within a city" due to its integrated residential-commercial planning and a well-known business hub in northern Jakarta. There are seven shopping malls and business centres within a 20km radius and students have complete access to various resources within the area that offer invaluable industry experience.

Kelapa Gading is also known as a gastronomic paradise. You will be able to choose from a variety of eateries and indulge in delectable cuisines that range from local to continental delicacies. Limkokwing Jakarta is the ideal starting point for a global education and the means to accomplish your dream 21st century career.

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