Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, a country composed of more than 13,000 islands with a population of over 180 million.


The port town of Jakarta has a rich and long history as a trading port dating as far as back as the 5th century. It is located on Java, the world's 13th largest island which is part of the Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta is without a doubt one of Indonesia's most picturesque travel destinations and given its rich history, visitors are all but awed by the celebrated art and colourful culture that still resonates even amidst the modern luxuries within this teeming metropolis that is the capital. Friendly faces abound among the locals, one of the many reasons that Bali has become the island paradise destination for tourists from all over the world. Each visitor leaves the island with a new-found appreciation for Bali's unique heritage and culture.

Jakarta Culture

Country Information

  • Capital city
  • Nationality
  • Language
  • Climate
  • Currency
  • Time Zone
  • Calling Code
  • Jakarta
  • Indonesian(s)
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Tropical; Monsoons
  • Rupiah (RP)
  • MST (UTC +7)
  • +62
Explore Jakarta

Antique hunting

Jalan Surabaya is an open-air antique market on the border of Menteng District. Much of the antiques on display come from the Dutch colonial era.

Historical Port

The Port of Sunda Kelapa is Jakarta's old port. Located near the modern Port of Jakarta in the Penjaringan sub-district of the North Jakarta province of Indonesia, the Port of Sunda Kelapa and surrounding village are the historic base for the City of Jakarta.

Jakarta Fair

Jakarta Fair or Pekan Raya Jakarta is an annual event to commemorate Jakarta's birthday on June 22. It's a month-long event starting in Mid-June to Mid-July. The Jakarta Fairgrounds in Kemayoran comes alive to the sounds of industrial exhibits, cultural extravaganza, rides and performances by various bands.

Elaborate cuisine

The distinguishing flavours of Jakarta are a culmination of the geography and the cultural diversity that is prevalent in Indonesia, making the cuisine one of the most unique in the world.

Thousand islands

Just off the coast, right next to Jakarta, Kepulauan Seribu (literally in English, Thousand Islands) is definitely a hidden gem waiting for you to discover. A perfect escapade for the Cosmo that is so close from the heart of the bustling metropolitan.

Shopping paradise

As a vibrant metropolitan and nation's capital, Jakarta undoubtedly offers the best shopping venues on all corners of the city.

Old Batavia

The place to go for a taste of Jakarta's rich history, Kota the old town is centred around Fatahillah Square. Essentially a collection of fine old Dutch colonial-era building in various states of repair, there are several good museums here as well as the unmissable Cafe Batavia.

Performing Arts

The history of the performing arts in Jakarta is as varied and fascinating as the city itself. Roving street entertainers sang, danced, performed feats of magic and daring, and acted out stories. This tradition continues today in pasar and residential areas. Cikini especially is a center of performing arts in Jakarta.

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