Malaysiakini invites Limkokwing to judge the iNYALA art contest

10 August 2019

Malaysiakini invites Limkokwing to judge the iNYALA art contest

Chief Commercial Officer of Malaysiakini Chia Ting Ting paid an official visit to Limkokwing University Cyberjaya campus on 7 August 2019.

She was accompanied by two Malaysiakini’s Senior Executives, (Integration Digital Ad, Content, Event Engagement), Aisha Ridzuan and Hashvne Chandramorgan.

The visit was aimed to invite Founder and President of Limkokwing University, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Limkokwing to judge the ‘Interacting You and Light Art’ (iNYALA) contest and to discuss new partnerships in developing a long-term relationship for both parties.

iNYALA is an event that aims to bring diversity to contemporary art while promoting the emergence of art and technology in Malaysia.  It also nurtures a new generation of artists through unconventional mediums and platforms.

Upon arrival, the trio were welcomed by the University’s Vice President of Brand, Creativity and Talent Development, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, staff and student ambassadors.

They were taken on a campus tour to the Presidential Library and around the Limkokwing Plaza, where they students from over 160 countries interact and exchange views.

Highlighting it was their first visit to Limkokwing University, Chia and her team mentioned that they were impressed by Tan Sri Limkokwing’s achievements and the staff’s professionalism.

“I did not know that Tan Sri Limkokwing had so many achievements. We want Tan Sri Lim to be a part of us because only this University promotes global brands in Malaysia. This is why we would like to invite Tan Sri Lim to be our judge, together we can promote iNYALA and we can provide space for Limkokwing University students to display their art products,” Chia commented.

“Limkokwing University would love to participate in this event and we would like to come back with student ideas. We’ll invite our August recruitment students to participate,” said Dato’ Tiffanee in response to Chia’s brief invitation.

According to Aisha, iNYALA is the first event that will bridge college or university students with industrial art professions on art and technology.

“This will be an event for students and artists to contribute new and higher-level ideas with the use of technology. Instead of the conventional format, art will be conveyed in an interactive technology format to make people appreciate the art better,” she said.

Hashvne added that the best art and technology award will be given and recognized by industry professionals.

“Art is not just painting but art can be a messenger or a communication tool,” she said.

The iNYALA contest and event is expected to be officiated by Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed and Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture Mohammadin Haji Ketapi or Deputy Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik.

The contest is scheduled to run from August to October 2019, and the event will be launched in November 2019.

It is expected that more than 50,000 visitors will attend the iNYALA located at the REXKL, Jalan Sultan, and Kuala Lumpur (near Petaling Street).

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