Digital Photography


The most important thing you can bring away from this course is a new sense of sight. To be able to have a finer appreciation of light in its myriad manifestations, to discover meaning in images rather than words, or most importantly, how to make images, important and powerful in their own right, rather than merely 'take pictures' is the main goal of this course. This program also will develop academically the basic art elements, principles of design, composition, imparting a core of knowledge to enhance, reinforce concepts, ideas and other disciplines of art. It will also extend knowledge and skills in the area of photography by becoming familiar with photographic imaging equipment, materials, methods and processes.


  • Increase knowledge of Digital Photography and critical understanding of the relevance of significant Photographic images.

  • Understanding images as means of expressing an individual artistic attitude towards the world, be it in Newspaper, Magazines, Fashion, Still life, Landscape, Imaging and etc.

  • Able to operate and understand the use of DSLR function by the end of semester.

  • Skilful and prepared in a great mix digital technical and creative briefs given in future.

Intermediate and advance levels are available upon request.

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