Magazine Design/Publication Design


This course will provide an appreciation of print design in the context of journalistic and organisational communication. To develop visual literacy, awareness of design elements and their interaction to provide skills and knowledge in principles of print design and to practise skills using page design and imaging software.


Students will have a clear understanding of print design principles and will be able to produce finished pages for production this includes:

  • Current design practice, with particular focus on magazine and supplement design.

  • Elements of a publication: audience, organisation, content and advertising.

  • Deconstructing magazine design: design principles - balance, proportion, sequence, unity, focus, cover page, contents page.

  • Page design: format, grid, templates, master pages, special features, approaching layout, single pages, spreads.

  • Typography: type classifications, terminology, measurement systems. Working with type: type colour, leading, alignment, kerning, display type, body type, type schemes.

  • Images on the page: assessing images, image treatment in layouts, creating sizing and cropping, imaging software techniques.

  • Production planning: print technologies overview.

  • Production laboratories: Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop.

Intermediate and advance levels are available upon request.

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