Presentation Skills

Faculty of Communication, Media & Broadcasting

Level Beginner
Days 5
Duration 30 hours


  • This course will focus on oral and written presentations

  • It will provide participants with an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills

  • They go though the learning principles of presentation skills and how to use them in developing effective presentations

  • Participants need to determine realistic presentation objectives, how to organize their presentation clearly and successfully incorporate visual aids into their presentation


  • Participants will be able to plan, prepare and rehearse an effective presentation that creates rapport with their target audiences

  • Participants will be able to present or communicate with clarity

  • They will be more aware of the objectives of communication which is not only the transmission but the reception

  • The participants will also gain the power to deliver the message well and to enhance it a hundred times beyond its worth

Intermediate and advance levels are available upon request.

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