“Demi Negara” music video competition winners announced!

8 December 2018

“Demi Negara” music video competition winners announced!

The winners of the “Demi Negara” Music Video Competition were announced on 7 December 2018 at the Presidential Library of Limkokwing University.

The “Demi Negara” campaign is a brainchild of Founder President, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr. Limkokwing.

Literally translated as “For the Nation”, the campaign is aimed at rallying Malaysians to set a new narrative about what Merdeka means and where the country is headed.

Limkokwing University Senior Vice President, YM Dato’ Raja Aznil Raja Hisham, said that the aim of the campaign had been met, namely in rallying Malaysians in the spirit of unity.

“The competition was conceived with the purpose of gathering ideas to promote and celebrate unity. Diversity is what has helped Malaysia achieve the success we see today,” he said.

Proud Winners

Three teams were selected as finalists, taking home cash prices totaling RM30,000; RM5,000 for 3rd place, RM10,000 for 2nd place, and RM15,000 for the 1st place.

The official “Demi Negara” music video was produced by Limkokwing University in conjunction with this year’s National Day celebrations, which marks 61 years of the country’s independence.

Meraki Production led by Jared James from the Faculty Communication, Media and Broadcasting emerged the overall winner, taking home the grand prize of RM15,000.

Members of his team comprised Bryan Soo and Joshuvan Rajendrn also from the Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting, and Tirtha Patha from the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity.

“My teammates and I had a lot of interest in film making and this competition was an opportunity for us to do so,” said Jared.

He added: “Being in Limkokwing has made me more patriotic and I feel lucky to be a Malaysian as not all nations are privileged to have the same unity we have here.”

Second place went to Grainhouse Production, comprised of Sathishwararao Anantharao from the Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting and Logeswari Palasenderan from Faculty of Design Innovation.

“I am a street photographer, and I have seen the cultural diversity of Malaysians through my lenses. This competition was the perfect platform for me to share what I see to others,” said Sathishwararao.

The third place winner was produced by 0900 Production, formed by Siti Aisyah Arifah and Ungku Iwani Al-Juffa from the Faculty of Communication, Media and Broadcasting.

“The lyrics of the “Demi Negara” song touched our hearts and it was the inspiration that made us want to create something for Limkokwing University and our country, Malaysia,” said Siti.


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