Associate Degree in Merchandising Design

Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity

The programme is appropriate for candidates who want to develop the practical skills and understanding of display and merchandise handling, and to use them to work in the display, visual merchandising and related industries of visual presentation.

The programme is focused around developing the skills to plan, develop, prepare and install displays incorporating a variety of merchandise. It also introduces and develops the skills to draw, plan and model the display and to use them to present ideas for display and merchandise presentations. Students use the 3D workshop to design and construct simple props, which are used in their display projects. Display graphics are introduced, and students develop skills to use digital software to produce information graphics for their display installations.

This course is designed to introduce the learner to the field of merchandising and retailing. Basic principles of retail operations and management styles are incorporated. The course is based around a series of creative display projects, which culminate in finished installed displays.

These allow students to practice and develop skills in handling merchandise, design and build supporting props in the 3D workshop, display graphics and produce them as finished displays. Projects will include designs for seasonal and promotional events, and a continuing weekly programme to develop merchandising handling skills.

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