Associate Degree in Music Design

Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy

With higher definition technologies being demanded in the entertainment world by the increasing sophisticated viewing audiences, there is an ever-growing demand for specialists in Music Design. This dynamic medium of contemporary music will extend its reach into album production, film and television, the Internet, electronic games and mobile technologies.

This program develops skills to conceptualise sound manipulation and music sequencing. The pathway will also provide a historical and cultural understanding of contemporary music. In addition to specific music media units, students taking this pathway will study core media theory units.

The programme also recognises the increasing inter-relationship between the visual technologies of film, video, animation and computers. The goal is to enable students to produce, conceptualise and practice their skills in fulfilling production competencies relevant to their practice.

This Associate Degree pathway is for those students who recognise that music is an expressive medium that influences our times. The is a great need in the industry for skilled designers who fully comprehends the whole process of designing a commercial music campaign for a major record label, from brief and pitch process through to the delivery of a broad range of collateral, such as album covers, single covers, point-of-sale items, adverts, merchandise, TV adverts and window displays.

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