Albert Wijaya: Leading the BEAT of Creative Production @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Albert Wijaya: Leading the BEAT of Creative Production

9 May 2022

  • Albert Wijaya: Leading the BEAT of Creative Production
  • Albert Wijaya: Leading the BEAT of Creative Production

Albert says he discovered his passion without even looking, initially starting off as a photographer while still looking for the best school to support his dream career, Albert enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Hons in Graphic Design at Limkokwing University and upon graduating the rest was history. He’s now a creative director at BEAT - a creative production company that offers services ranging from branding to advertising.

As a one stop solution for creative production, BEAT’s mission is to translate clients’ wants into reality and help brands creatively reinvent to drive their mission and vision. His role as a creative director is to ensure the projects carried out are aligned to the brand’s goals and translated into exceptional creative outputs.

Asked on how BEAT contributed to his community Albert said, “For the past several years, local brands have been on the rise in Indonesia, and it’s been our pleasure and fulfilling to be able to take part in their growth.”
Albert’s greatest achievement to date is being able to lead and nurture a team of talented creatives and see them grow. “Appreciation for work is fine, but things like these are what linger in the heart.”

“What we hope to achieve at BEAT is to create better, exceptional, and honest work. One comment that we receive a lot from our clients is that most of our work tell stories of its own, whether it’s funny, sad, emotional, or even absurd. So yeah, if your brand has a story to tell, let’s talk!”

Taking a moment to reflect on what influence studying at Limkokwing University had on his career today Albert first mentioned he joined the University upon a recommendation from his friend who is also an alumunus. “The experience of meeting people from various backgrounds has been helpful in what I do today: meeting and working together with people of all ages and backgrounds is a great learning curve.”

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