Almerino Mosse Marcos Manhenje from Mozambique @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Almerino Mosse Marcos Manhenje from Mozambique

28 September 2016

Limkokwing student Almerino Mosse Marcos Manhenje hails from Mozambique, a Southeast African country famous for its lengthy coastline and turquoise waters.

He chose to study Bachelor of Science (Architectural Studies) because it deals with aspects that improve living conditions for people around the world.

“Studying Architecture in Limkokwing University is so interesting. We don’t only learn in the classroom, but we learn through competitions, workshops, events and industry talks.”

Sustainable Architecture

Almerino said one thing that stands out for him is the University’s teaching style which reflects industry trends.

“Sustainability is thoroughly emphasised in our curriculum. At Limkokwing University, we make designs that meet the world’s need to reduce human impact on ecological systems.”

He pointed out that the earth is facing dire environmental conditions. Through sustainable architecture—which seeks to build or revamp buildings using innovative design, renewable materials and energy-efficient technology—dependence on traditional energy sources can be reduced.

Chalet Design Project

Almerino said his biggest project thus far was designing a chalet (wooden house).

“For this project, I had to do space planning and design a resort in Port Dickson. I went there for a three-day visit to conduct a site analysis and collect data.”

He emphasised that the primary goal was to relate his design to the surroundings with minimal impact on the environment.

“I had to create a resting place that allows guests to have both comfort and relaxation. I combined eight chalets and added a main building based on the design of the chalets with facilities to accommodate the guests.”

This project was particularly exciting for Almerino because it made him realise his true potential.

“It was an exhilarating feeling to be able to create something big. Additionally, I was able to get to work with various students on the concept to see how they would approach it.”

Multiple Career Paths

Almerino said Limkokwing University gives students a chance to explore their talents. It is in this way that he was able to harness his talents in other fields that he is interested in.

“For years to come, I don’t see myself as just an architect but also a performer and an actor. The University has heavily contributed in expanding my skills.”

He acknowledged that the University has given him the platform to showcase his skills on a bigger scale, “I get to perform at various University events and I get better each time I do it.”

International Standards

“Limkokwing University has students from all over the world, the diversity and energy on campus provides a favourable environment to learn. Here, students graduate well-rounded because they are exposed to high-tech facilities, learn through experts and are culturally-savvy.”

“Through a Limkokwing University education, students achieve international standards. Their attitudes and competitiveness in the industry are second to none, that is why I’m grateful for studying here.”

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