Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund

23 June 2016

  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund
  • Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship Fund

Limkokwing University today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kumpulan Utusan for the launch of a scholarship worth RM7 million ringgit.

Signed by Dato’ Raja Aznil Raja Hisham, Limkokwing Sr. Vice President, Industry Empowerment and Kumpulan Utusan Deputy Group Editor-in-Chief, Datuk Othman Mohamad, the Biasiswa Kumpulan Utusan-Universiti Limkokwing (Limkokwing University – Kumpulan Utusan Scholarship) was the first initiative of corporate social responsibility between Kumpulan Utusan and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Kumpulan Utusan, established in 1938, has progressed and consolidated itself into a multiple media conglomerate of the 21st century. Today, the Group diverse expansion is still synergistic with its traditional core activities. With over ten companies under its wings, Kumpulan Utusan is engaged in four major business concerns namely publishing, printing, advertising and online services.

The collaboration between Limkokwing University and Kumpulan Utusan will enable young Malaysians to achieve their dream careers and will further enhance the nation’s human capital development by offering education scholarships to qualified young Malaysians.

The scholarships, amounting to RM7 million ringgit, will offer 100 seats to full time students pursuing their certificates, foundation, diplomas and degrees studies at Limkokwing University.

The scholarships will be awarded annually for three years to cover full tuition fees studying full time at Limkokwing University’s Cyberjaya Campus. This scholarship will also open opportunities for these students to spend one semester in the Limkokwing Global University Campus programme in London, United Kingdom.

The first cohort of 10 students who received their scholarships at the MOU signing event today will start their studies at the University on 1 August, 2016.

18-year old Harithareni Ravichandran was very excited when she learned she had received the scholarship. She will be studying Architectural Studies, and hope to become an architect when she graduated.  Harithareni had heard a lot of things about Limkokwing University and was very eager to be a part of the student population come 1 August. “There are many people from around the world studying here. I’m very happy to be able to study with students from around the world.”

Another scholarship recipient, 18-year old Nur Ainin Sofia, planned to study Communication at the University. She said that “the University ecosystem is unlike other universities that I heard of, Limkokwing emphasis is of hands-on creativity education.”

Limkokwing University houses over 9000 international students from 150 countries. Studying at the University will give its students an experience to intermingle in an international environment where one will be studying in a global environment right here in Malaysia.

Apart from the many specialised courses, students will benefit from the unique ecosystem that builds their confidence and improve their skills through industry integration which is a vital core of the University’s education philosophy.

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