Limkokwing students donate goods to Gabane Home-Based Care

5 December 2017

Limkokwing students donate goods to Gabane Home-Based Care

Event Management students from Limkokwing University donated goods to Gabane Community Home-Based Care (GCHBC) recently, including toiletries, children’s clothing and bedding packages.

Mr. Dingwe and Mrs. Leburu, the Headman and Manager of GCHBC respectively, personally welcomed Limkokwing Event Management Lecturer, Mr. Mogomotsi Orapeleng and students.

In his remarks, Mr. Dingwe commended Limkokwing students for their kind gesture in donating goods to the GCHBC.

Mrs. Leburu said that they are making strides in the organisation because of helping hands from the likes of Limkokwing students who come in to donate goods for the well-being of their work.

She also indicated that there are still areas in which they need assistance. “We are thankful for the help given by the Limkokwing family. It means a lot to us and I urge them to continue doing this wonderful work,” she said, adding that the doors were always open for those who wanted to help.

Mr. Orapeleng thanked the GCHBC staff for their hospitality, and for granting them the opportunity to offer a helping hand.

He said, “The goods we are giving are the efforts of event management students, who altogether contributed money and also hosted a fashion show in the quest to raise funds for the possibility of buying goods.”

“They did very well, and finally they have managed and are fortunate to be giving to Gabane Home-Based Care today,” Mr. Orapeleng added.

GCHBC is one of the earliest home-based care programmes in Botswana.

It was founded in 1997 under the leadership of the Ministers Fraternal, a collaboration of churches in Gabane. Its mission is to provide quality care and support to the sick, orphans and vulnerable children while empowering people to live positively with HIV and AIDS, with the vision of one day eradicating HIV/AIDS from the community of Gabane.

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