Reenosha Krishnasamy from Malaysia @ Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Reenosha Krishnasamy from Malaysia

23 June 2016

Reenosha Krishnasamy; a semester two Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Communication with Psychology student acknowledges that the multicultural environment at Limkokwing University stimulates her creativity.

Choosing Limkokwing University

“I joined Limkokwing University in August 2014 graduating in 2017. Initially I chose it because my sister was working at the University, but before enrolling I got the chance to visit for a week to experience the atmosphere and it was amazing. I felt like I was in a movie, it was lively and welcoming. I visited other Universities many times but they did not excite me as much.”

A stepping stone for creative careers

Before joining Limkokwing University I was shy and introverted but the environment propelled me to open up, more so that I’m studying communications. I got recruited to join the University choir and that’s where I gained one of my most valuable skills; performing. I performed at numerous events, in and outside the University and boosted my confidence each time.

Stimulating ecosystem

I would not have known the extent of my abilities had I not studied here. Creativity is in the air, there are positive vibes on campus and this makes one enjoy learning. At Limkokwing you don’t only learn in classroom but you learn social skills as well which are important after you graduate.

Broadening Horizons

“I am confident that after I graduate in 2017, I’ll be able to work anywhere in the world. I plan on travelling first. It is such an incredible experience to broden my horizons and gain knowledge of as many cultures as I can. I would highly recommend anyone to join Limkokwing University because here you receive an education you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

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