Rubik Industry Review at Limkokwing University

10 January 2017

  • Rubik Industry Review at Limkokwing University
  • Rubik Industry Review at Limkokwing University
  • Rubik Industry Review at Limkokwing University
  • Rubik Industry Review at Limkokwing University

Students from the Faculty of Multimedia Creativity showcased their works to a panel of Malaysian and International Games, Animation and Multimedia industries companies on 1 to 2 December.

Forty three graduating students received the opportunity to meet producers and studio managers to receive professional feedback on their portfolios.

The industry review aims to expose students to industry critique practises. Organised by Limkokwing University, the Rubik Graduate Industry review encourages students to engage in dialogues and discussion with industry practitioners. Students gain a platform to showcase their portfolios while promoting their talents to relevant industries.

“It is very important for us to get professional comments from industry players,” said Rubik Industry Review vice president and Bachelor of Arts in Animation student Lim Zhi Hao. “They help to rate us to ensure we meet industry standards.”

He also added that industry players are often busy with various projects, but by organising this industry review, these professionals could acquire new ideas from students showcasing their work.

“The communication between the industry and students is helpful,” added Bachelor of Arts in Creative Multimedia student Karthikeyan Nagendiran while explaining that the experience enables him to develop his skills in designing and communicating his ideas.

More than 50 production studios were invited to attend the Rubik Industry Review. These include Inspidea Sdn Bhd, Lemonsky Studios and Silver Ant.

During the industry review, students also gained industry tips from experienced professionals to become more competitive in the industry.

“To succeed in this industry, one needs to have passion and work as a team,” said Inspidea Managing Director Andrew Ooi. “More importantly, they must showcase themselves to be different from their competitors.”

“In any creative industry, it is about passion,” added Inspidea Animation Supervisor Faizal Wazir. “As long as you put the effort into understanding your work, you can succeed in the animation industry.”

At the same time, he also advised students to emphasise the importance of character development such as expression and movement. He also mentioned that current animation trend is moving towards a more ‘stylised’ form, and character designs and artworks needed to be distinct. 

He explained that some shows such as ‘Adventure Time’, emphasise its unique drawing and animation styles which cater to a wider range of audience by appealing to both children and adults. 

Limkokwing University exposes students to the industry as part of their studies to develop network opportunities with experienced professionals. The university collaborates with various animation companies and production studios to ensure students receive the full benefit from their educational experience.

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